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  • Why SpendOnline?

    Are you frequently feeling guilty after buying things, not being sure that you spent your money well? Or you are buying tons of stuff that you actualy do not use, which just occupy space and produce futher costs? Even spending for the beneficence does not give you anymore a necessary thrill? Why not just fulfill you desire of spending some money without buying anything?

  • OK, how does it work?

    It’s pretty simple, you choose the amount you whish to spend, based on your needs, click on the spend it button and you’ll be forwarded to the secure payment environment where you can pay with your credit card or PayPal account. Afterwards, you will receive a beautifully designed email confirming that you have successefully spent your money.

  • Where will the money go?

    This is not a frequently asked question. If you just want to spend your money, you do not care where it’s going, you care about spending it. What will happen with your ex-money it’s not something you should worry about. Anyway, we guarantee that it will not be used for illegal, immoral or non ethical causes. However, you’ll never know.